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Can Artifical Intelligence Help See Cancer in new and better ways?

AI can now outline and analyze cancer-suspicious areas without any human supervision. Over the past several years, researchers have developed AI tools that have the potential to make cancer imaging faster, more accurate, and even more informative.
Encryption advances could solve big data's privacy problems

Inside each of us are genetic markers that can tell doctors which of us are susceptible to diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, and more. A type of encryption called fully homomorphic encryption allows us to run analysis on big data without seeing the contents, aiding doctors in pinpointing these markers without invading one’s privacy.
This computer component could use as little energy as possible

Researchers have built a logic gate – a basic computing building block – that uses vibrations for information processing instead of electrons, making it very energy efficient. This technology could approach the physical lower limit for energy use when processing and sending information, enabling a new generation of devices.  

RKS on RKS: The Impact of Good Design

Our Creative Director, Lance, speaks about an impactful project, the Nuance Composite Syringe. This project is a perfect example of how in good design you don’t have to go after the obvious and how introducing human-centered design into a legacy product category can lead to incredible results.

Revisionist History: The Dog Will See you Now

In June, we highlighted cyborg robots that can smell cancer. Now it’s July, and we’re listening to the season finale of Revisionist History, which explores how dogs are being trained to sniff out diseases. Dogs may be the very solution we’ve been waiting for.

Improving the Future of Medicine through AI

AI is reinventing and reinvigorating modern healthcare through machines that can predict, comprehend, learn and act. Whether it’s used to find new links between genetic codes or to drive surgery-assisting robots, AI is taking the world by storm. Read this article to delve into forty of the most recent advancements of AI in the healthcare industry.

Dream by WOMBO: AI Art Simulator

Dream is an app where Users enter keywords, and then the AI generates an image based on the keywords. The AI illustrations often look abstract in nature and are pretty vague, yet the AI does a great job of capturing the gist of the keywords.